Patty Play Pall Restorations and FREE Patterns for Clothing

This Doll is a doll I received for Christmas when I was her height. My dad told the story (many times) about how the doll was standing in front of the tree and as he was putting other gifts under the tree and readying for Christmas Morning, he told the doll to 'go back to bed', thinking that I was standing there. That was in 1962.

I played with and, well?, abused this poor doll, her hair and her face. Later in life I dressed it in my youngest son's clothing and had her ride behind Sled Dogs in Parades we used to participate in in St. Louis, MO, with the Gateway Sled Dog Club. You can see these clothes have been on her for a while now <read many years>.

Patty Playpal 2019-02-27

Patty recently spent over 20 years in a Storage Shed in WI....getting very hot and very cold. Once we started cleaning that Shed out, memories flooded me about this doll...and how many years she has been in my life. (somewhere is my original Chatty Cathy too, still have many boxes to go through, most of my Barbies did not make the storage torture, but many DID!)

It is time for Patty to have a 'Make Over' and for me to find her a nice old, 1960s Tricycle for her to sit on. We live right on The Katy Trail and bicycles and tricycle is our decor.

WARNING: Restoring Vintage Dolls is Fun and Rewarding, <whispers the next part> but it can not only get expensive, you will want more and more Dolls to work on and Display. You have been warned. <laughs and winks>

DISCLAIMER: I have written here on our Website what I have done on my own Dolls and what has worked for me. I have described how I went about each step as best as I could. I will not be held responsible for what you do to the Dolls you are working on. I am not there, I can not see your Dolls or how they are made or the shape they are in. ALL I AM TELLING YOU HERE ON THIS PAGE AND IN OUR VIDEOS, IS WHAT HAS WORKED FOR US.



Patty Playpal Before Front 2019-05-13 Patty Playpal Before Face 2019-05-13 Patty Playpal Before Feet 2019-05-13 Patty Playpal Before Back 2019-05-13 Patty Playpal Before Hair 2019-05-13 Patty Playpal Before Front Back Torso 2019-05-13 Patty Playpal Before Heels 2019-05-13 Patty Playpal Before Sitting 2019-05-13 Patty Playpal Before Head 2019-05-13 Patty Playpal Before Hand 2019-05-13 Patty Playpal Before Standing 2019-05-13


Please pass me the GOOP Hand Cleaning, I'm going to need a lot.

My Patty Playpal has had a pretty rough past 58 years. Now it is time for me to try to make it up to her. That is going to start with a good cleaning. I will be using: GOOP Hand Cleanier; a Magic Eraser; Q-Tips; Fingernail Polish Remover...for the paint I put on her nails many many moons ago; several clean wash clothes (washed and used over and over ON HER!); Clean Towels; Acne Cream; Dish Soap; Water, of course; ....


Coming Soon


The Great Thing about Patty Playpal is that she was MADE to wear children's clothing. My Patty Playpal not only wore the clothes she came in, my clothes when I was that small, she also wore my son's clothing. Now? I will be watching for clothes when I go to Garage Sales and on Clearance Racks in the kid's Dept.

If you like to sew and want to make clothing and outfits for Patty, check in Thrift Shops for not only CHEAP Patterns, most .25 each, also check at Garage Sales. You could take these Patterns and make the Clothes out of Holiday Prints so that Patty can dress up for the Holidays and Decorate your home.

Patty PlayPal wears a child's size 5 shoe. I watch the Clearance Racks and found a really cute pair of little girls shoes in a shiny pink for $3. Again, Garage Sales are GREAT for this type of thing too!


Chatty Cathy Before:

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Chatty Cathy Clean Up Part 2:

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Chatty Cathy Part 3 and Charmin Chatty:

Tiny Chatty Baby Fried Hair Repair:

Chatty Cathy Ornament - TALKS!:

My Size Barbie ~ How To Make $1 Outfits:

Please check back as we will be adding more and more photos, a video and other dolls to this page; the contents of this page for Patty Play Pall Restorations and FREE Patterns for Clothing is still under construction. Please check back often.

-- The Far Out Living Team
Wed, 27 Feb 2019 08:47:03 -0500

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