Home/Green Funerals

In our USA Culture today we give old time USA Funerals a cutey name, like Green Funerals and or Home Funerals. When in fact what we know as a Funeral is really a new thing....Funeral Homes, mandatory embalming, cement burial vaults (the concrete box that the coffin now goes into - the thing that makes sure you turn to slush rather then drying out naturally - yes - eeeewwww!)

It was not that long ago that even here in the USA people took care of their own family and or friends and or dead people that they found on the ground (think war, exposure to the elements, murder by Cowboys and or Indians, sickness, self inflicted/accidents, hunting accidents, and or natural causes).

My mother used to tell me about how people were "laid out" for viewing in their own parlors (hence the word Funeral Parlor). Families would put big black bows on their doors and many times the coffin was hand crafted by the family. The coffin was either carried to or loaded in a pick up truck and taken to the cemetery. Many were Family Cemeteries on Family Properties. My father told me how when his brother Forest died that my dad's dog went and laid on the grave for a day then disappeared, so the grave yard was not far from the family home (I deducted).

So I tell you that to tell you that Yes, you can have a Home or what we now call Green Funeral in most states. Your family can clean and dress the dead body and have the funeral at home. In many areas you can bury the dead on your own property, provided you have the right acreage.

Bodies and pine boxes were meant to dissipate. God and nature intended it that way. Those new concrete vaults (give me the chills) are not good for the environment and really......why? Why? Money. The more "they" can get from the grieving family, the more "they" will. Please do your research before you contact me and tell me it is for the safety of the living. It is not. We are buried 6 foot for our safety.

Outside of animals I have never been to and certainly not participated in a Home Funeral. But I will either participate or be the body of two that I know of. Deron and I. Or, that is the plan...but it is left up to the survivor how they want to handle it when the time comes, home or Funeral Home.

(more to come)

One thing you should know. Whether you are having what is now a Traditional Funeral or a Home/Green Funeral, let your family know of any arrangements you want carried out. What you might want to be buried in (clothing) or with, or where. Songs or stories or photos you might want at the Funeral. Candles or no candles or scripture readings.....cause you never know. Then Lord said to be ready, not to get ready. Any of us can die or a million reasons at any time.

A friend told us a very funny story one time, I have not forgotten it. Her grandmother was quite the jokester. She told the family that she had an outfit in the back of her closest that she wanted to be buried in. It was in a brown paper bag and that they should check it for sizing before taking it to the Funeral Home to be put on her.....when she died they tearfully remembered the brown bag with the clothing she wanted to be buried in. She reminded them every once in a while about the bag. They got it out and inside the bag was a small size black sexy outfit with black stockings and guarders and the whole get up. They had one more laugh with grandma. Humor is such a healing thing.

There is so much more to ad. Just go on line and check your state laws. A Funeral Director is not going to tell you what you can do. It is money out of their pockets if they do. Your town clerk probably has no idea of the laws. Others might not know, but pretend to. Why pay a lawyer to look up what you can find out for yourself on line.

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