Building Our Barn

Barn Wood

The contents of this page for Building Our Barn is still under construction. This page that is, much like the barn, as it will take quite a while for two people to build a barn. The large barn we are planning that is.....and if Deron could "get good help", it might even be a two person job. <she grins>

Barn Wood
After talking and thinking about it for many moons....we bought some of the wood to build a nice barn. We were blessed by SILVER BIRCH RANCH with metal siding when we moved here to NW SD. So we have high hopes, some wood and some really nice thick, old style metal to begin our barn.

Well, are we?
On Sept. 1, 2009 Deron put together the first 14' Pressure Treated poll for the barn, dug a hole for it and it is standing in the ground waiting for the next step.

First hole with One looking on
It is always good to have help, good help. Did you notice Deron's hole digging help in this and the photo above? Our animals help with everything. Our kitties have to be in on everything that goes on around the farm. Since they hunt, as good farm/barn cats do, in holes.....makes me wonder just what they are thinking!

Goat Construction Crew
If not for the animals, Deron would not have much help. This is Micah. Earlier I had to run over and stop Amos, another one of our goats, from dumping over the brand new, very large box of screws....oh the help.

Big Sky Construction

Barn & Hitching Post

Here is not only the barn going up, but the much anticipated hitching post for tying and training!

Little by little step by step.

Lean To

Barn Raising Good Times


I do not know what that wire is at the top of this photo. I must have had something, or a hair on the camera when I took the photo.

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