Woman's View On Guns


ZebraOnPink 2012-05-30

I am a woman that always has on mascara and freshly applied fingernail polish. I am not a girly girl, but when I was a child I was a Tom Boy. Guns are not just for men, many Ladies enjoy Target Shooting too. Guns are not any more dangerous, and probably less dangerous, than the vehicles we all drive every day and think nothing of. Guns do not kill people. People kill people. People that are armed are usually not killed by "the bad guy".

Guns come in many types, sizes, caliber, colors and shapes. There is a gun for anyone that would like to own one. And now more then ever, Gun Manufacturers are making Lady Guns. Guns for the Girly Girls, the Ladies and these gals are finding out that Target Shooting and being ready for trouble is a very good thing. Some people think that "Girl Guns", that is colored Guns are a "Fad". Let's not forget many people said the same thing about Telephones, Televisions, Rock and Roll, and High Heeled Shoes. Personally, I see more and more guns being made and tailored for woman, not less.

Why have and or carry a gun? Well, I could write volumes on this question, but I will sum it up by saying that if you ever get into a situation where you need a gun for defense, it is too late to go home to get your gun, or go out and buy one.

This page on our website is brand new, please bear with me as I continue to write more and often. It should however, and God willing, be ever changing. Please come back and visit often.



Burgo 22 Short Pistol 2012-03-07

How many times have your heard "GUNS ARE SO DANGEROUS NO ONE SHOULD OWN ONE!" A gun is dangerous in the wrong hands. And anyone who says the above words SHOULD NOT HAVE ONE! But a gun is only dangerous in the hands of a criminal or someone who does not know how to use it properly. But let's take that thought a step further. Do you know how many people are hurt and killed in vehicles EVERY SINGLE DAY!? Do you know how many people are hurt or killed with power tools EVERY SINGLE DAY?! More, far more, way far more each day then are hurt or killed with guns...including those at war. Comparing vehicle death accidents, that happen each and every day, to deaths by gun shot, people killed with guns, would be like comparing apples to oranges. But do we even think to stop people from getting into their vehicles? NO!



Pistol Manual

The first thing you should do when you buy a gun is to READ THE MANUAL. If you purchase a gun that dose not come with a manual, go on line, most Gun Makers offer the manuals free on line. Guns should also be cleaned and cleaned well before you shoot from them. Take your time, read the manual, clean your gun well, buy your safety equipment, find a good place to target shoot and find some fun targets. Don't get in a hurry to shoot and get hurt. Take your time and learn.

If you come across something you do not understand, ask a shooter to help you. If you do not have friends or family members that shoot, go ask the salesperson where you bought your gun.


Pink Taurus PCT 380  LOVE IT!

Not only is a gun a tool, you need the right tools to enjoy your gun. Please do not shoot a gun, and for sure, not for the first time, without proper ear, eye and hand protection. Target Shooting as a sport is a BLAST! But not fun if you are hurt or your hand is injured by not holding your gun correctly and or getting too close to the slide. I wear Elk Hide, snug fitting, shooting gloves (used only for shooting) when I shoot. I am not big on the little ear plugs, they just do not work well for me. We also shoot often, so I bought some inexpensive shooting earmuffs, in pink mind you, and love them. They work very well. And on a cold day, I don't need a hat when I wear them. I also have a pair of inexpensive shooting glasses, with pink frames, that have stopped expelling shells from hitting my eye area more then once. The wind blows hard here and once in a while we shoot in to it, the glasses are a must!

No one shoots here without all the proper equipment. And when you go shooting, take your own ammo with you. Take twice as much ammo as you believe you are going to use during that shooting section. If you are invited to go shoot a friend's gun, find out what type of ammo their guns shoot, buy at least a box of ammo to take with you. If your friend tells you "don't worry about it" then buy your friend a nice lunch. Most ammo is not cheap.

more to come


Maybe what you are actually thinking is, "He does not like to do what I like to do". Maybe it is time for you to start enjoying things he enjoys doing. If you want him to go shopping with you, go with him. Look at guns and ammo with him.

When in the Shooting Range, or any time handling guns, don't try to "be cute" or silly or funny. Handle guns, any and all guns, with respect, treat every gun, loaded or unloaded, as if it is loaded. Gun accidents are not "cute", funny or exceptable. Be an adult, handle guns as an adult, and believe me, your husband will fall in love with you all over again! And, he will think you are a lot cuter handling guns correctly then if you try to be "cute" and silly with them.

Learn to handle, clean, shoot and enjoy guns. If you start with a smaller caliber, get serious about learning to handle and shoot it with care and correctly, you might find that target shooting is more fun then golf or tennis any other sport you already enjoy. Hitting the target, whether to an opponent or into a hole, is hitting a target, the tools are just different. There is no reason to be afraid to handle a gun, but there is a huge reason to handle each one with respect.


Shooting Bows

It might sound strange to some of you, but seriously, Target Shooting is a social event, and you can make it a fun one. Not everyone has land where they can just step out and shoot, but there are Shooting Ranges near almost everyone. Why not ask another couple or a few friends to meet at the Range, shoot some rounds then go out to eat after? If however you drink alcohol, do it after the last gun is unloaded and put away for the day.

This photo is of Deron, Mindy, Tom and Nik, some of our favorite shooting buddies. You can see from the layers of clothing we all have on that we shoot year round. If you wait for the perfect weather, you will miss a whole lot of fun!

Range Furniture Deron Built 2

Deron and I are very fortunate to own land. Deron built a couple of super sturdy Shooting Tables and a really nice big heavy duty deluxe Picnic Table, as well as a Stand/Cabinet for the skeet thrower for our Shooting area out here on the Range where the deer and the antelope play. (Ha3) We have friends out on Friday night or Saturday for Shooting, a Meal and Board Games. It is a lot of fun. And believe me when I tell you we could start a list of folks that want an invitation out here!

Marna LongBow 2012-01-01

We often shoot Bows, Sling Shots, Crossbow Pistols, Blow Guns, Throw Knives and I am sure one day, one of us is going to bring a bucket of rocks to throw just for fun.



Marna's Target 9 mil 35' 2012-04-24

Target Shooting is shooting at targets. Whether it is the paper targets as simple as white with a red bullseye, or steal gongs that ring when you are shooting them correctly. Target Shooting is a lot of fun and a proud moment when you hit that center ring. If you own a gun you will want to find a place to shoot your gun at targets. Deron and I use plastic water bottles and milk jugs filled with dispelled water, and rubber dog toys for practice. A rubber toy can be shot many, many times, by even large caliber pistols and rifles, they will bounce, fly through the air, and you can pick them up and set them again. Deron and I have several we use over and over and over that we have shot with 22, 380, 9 mil, and 40 calibers. There are some holes in a few of the rubber toys, but they are still ready to be lined up for shooting competition between friends and cheap enough to replace often...but you won't have to very often.

Marna's Target 9 mil 35' 2012-04-23

I guess I should mention that you can not just shoot your gun anywhere. Even large parcels of land BELONG TO SOMEONE! There is no "In the woods." You need to join a Gun Club or find a Shooting Range or meet people that shoot on their own property to be able to shoot your gun.


Responsible Shooters will shoot only at Responsible Targets. There are all different types of safe to use Man Made Targets, seems enough types to keep any Responsible Shooter happy and satisfied. From paper to thick reacting steel, there is something for everyone.

Please make sure you are using a Target, and only use Targets, that are approved for the caliber of gun/bullet you are using with that Target. Also know how to and how far from each type of targets you should be shooting (a little common sense is called for here).



Paper Targets can be anything from a Store Bought nice color reactive bullseye target, to a piece of paper a person has drawn a circle or picture on.

more to come


These will/would be plastic bottles filled with water. Anything from water bottles, soda bottles of all sizes, milk jugs, laundry detergent bottles, fruit jars, peanut butter jars, any PLASTIC bottle that a product came in emptied out and refilled with water.

more to come


Can get very messy and draw bugs....but tons of fun!

more to come


There are a variety of Metal Shooting Targets. From Free Standing/Knock Down, Interactive Spinning/Flippers, Dueling Trees, to AR500 Gongs and everything in between. These are fun to use, you can hear when you hit them up close and at long distances, some will knock down, fly up and shut your competitors shooting side. Water and Metal Targets are my Favorite to use. However, there are times when Metal Targets should not be used. If your Fire Hazard is High in your area, do not shoot at Metal Targets. DO NOT stand too close to Metal Targets when shooting bullets. The bullet can and do bounce back off the targets. Know the distance for your targets. Reactive Metal Targets, those that move, swing, fall down, are safer then stationary Metal Targets.


Deron was searching the Internet looking for thickly made, metal, AR500 GONG Targets for hanging and found this Company, TARGETS FROM US, listed in a Search Engine. He said to me "Here are some targets you will be interested in." and sent me the link www.TargetsFromUs.com. When I went to the website I stayed a while looking around. YOU BET I WOULD BE INTERESTED IN SOMETHING THAT LOOKS AS FUN AS THESE interactive/reactive Flipper Targets LOOK! Needless to say, I had to have them. I also want to mention, that "Targets From Us" carries a long list of these and other types of Metal Targets, including but not limited to Dueling Trees, Spinners, Zombies, Knock Down and Stationary, and of course the GONGS for hanging that Deron was originally searching for.

These AR 500 Reactive Flipper Targets are well made, very well welded, and look like they will last a looooong time in your shooting range even with much use. What caught our attention to this product is the many ways these Targets can be safety used. Not only could a person just take one out and shoot it along in a walking motion, but my first thought when I saw them was to have two or more, set up a safe environment with responsible shooters, have races shooting the Flipper Targets from a Shooting Line. Each Shooter would stand behind, and not leave, a Shooter's Line. The Targets would be set up on a marked Starting Line and racing to the marked Finish Line. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND SHOOTERS WALKING WITH THEIR TARGETS IN A RACE SITUATION. But done correctly, this would not only be safe, but FUN as well! Adding the the Flipper Targets versatility if you wanted to change it up a bit, a shooter could hang these targets and use them as swinging targets also.

Our Three AR500 3" Round 1/4" Thick Flipper Targets arrived quickly in the mail. My first thought was how KOOOOL they are (the idea and how they are made), then looking closer, how well they are made. The shapes are very well cut, there are no sharp edges, and the welds are very securely fully welded (not spot welded). I have to say for the price, this is a GREAT deal.


In every sport you not only need to learn the rules, you need to learn the etiquette. First and at the top of the list, the shooting range, whether it is an actual go and pay Shooting Range or on someone's property, is that Shooting is all you are doing there. No cell phones, no texting, no gossiping, no distractions at all. When you are shooting you and or the other people you are with, need to be focusing on the guns, the targets, the shooting. Nothing else.


If you are going to be shooting someone else's guns find out what type of ammo they use, right down to the brand. Buy a box of ammo for the gun and don't try to save money buying a cheaper brand or type. There are many types of 22 shells alone. Ask the type the person uses. If you don't shoot the box, leave the rest of the ammo with them. If you finish the box of ammo you bought, stop shooting their guns. You are not doing them a favor bringing ammo, they are doing you one by trusting you with their gun. And remember, the guns will need to dissemble and clean every gun you use. The words are "Thank you", use them.

By the same token....share your gun with others you know. Don't worry about it if they are shooting your ammo. It, as they say, will come back around. Meaning, someone will be kind to you if you are kind to others. That does not mean to let someone else shoot your gun and ammo for the days shooting. No one expects that, nor should they. It also does not mean to let someone else take your gun shooting when you are not present.

If you are shooting with friends, always take some sort of targets with you when you go. If you take paper targets also take something to hang them from, cardboard boxes work if you do not have a Target Stand. Deron and I have taped paper targets to thick catalogs and phone books we no longer needed, then recycled them after they were used up.

GunJewelry 2012-04-29

Pick up your dispelled bullet shells. Many shooter keep the brass/shells and reload them to use again. Others use the shells for other purposes. Deron and I use them for both, Deron for reloading and I make (and sell) jewelry and key chains with the nicer brass and nickle coated shells. In fact when a new shooter or a friend comes out with a new gun, we save the first couple of her or his shells and make them something for them that they can keep, like key chains, earrings or charms. It is just a fun little mementos for them to keep. But picking up the shells is just good etiquette too. You do not want that in the environment, and here at our place we have animals that I would not want to eat or swallow one.

DO NOT SHOOT AT GLASS TARGETS. Seriously! Glass does not disappear, break down into the environment or get up and fix itself. Glass does not just go away, further it is dangerous when left out in the fields of the shooting range. People and animals can get hurt with it left there, and there is no way you can clean all of it up. Use plastic bottles filled with water, add food coloring if you like for a big show. Pick up the plastic bottles after you shoot and recycle them.

Don't use those explosive targets unless you are on your own property and or there is no way, you are down to dirt only, that a fire will ignite from their bang.

When you are shooting be focused on your target. When others in your group are shooting be focused on their targets. Here at our place we ENCOURAGE whooooping and hollering when someone hits their targets. At a Public Shooting Range if you do this it must be more like a nice but not too loud, "Goooood Shooting!". (way more fun here where we whooooop!)

Don't take your friends with you (unannounced) if you have been invited to shoot by someone. That also goes for your children and your pets. Ask ahead of time if you want, but the truth is, if YOU were invited, they are counting on just YOU.


Treat every single gun, even if you know for a fact that it is unloaded, treat it as if it is loaded and ready to fire.


Keep. Your. Finger. Off. The. Trigger. Until. You. Are. Aimed. And. Ready. To. Shoot.

Don't carry to much at once with a gun in the mix. ie, If your arms are full, don't carry a gun too. Make more trips to where ever you are headed with your "stuff". Keep it safe, don't take the chance.

If you do not know how to use a gun, ask.

Do not show up at a Shooting Range and ask strangers if you can shoot their guns.

Always, always check your back drop (what is behind your target where you are shooting) before your finger is near the trigger.

This list can go on and on. But I will stop here and pray you read your manual before shooting the gun you have purchased.


NEVER, EVER, EVER shoot a gun in the air. You know, like the cowboys do in the old Westerns on TV. Don't do it. Bullets do not dissipate, or disappear, nor do they reach and stay in Heaven, what goes up, does come down. Shooting in the air is very dangerous. PLEASE never do that!


Red Bottom Shoes - not mine!

Is owning a gun and ammo expensive? What is expensive to you? What is important to you? How much did you pay for that last pair of shoes that you will only wear a few times and then decide that they are out of style? Could you defend yourself with those shoes? Seriously, could you defend your self with that last pair of shoes you bought?

What are your other hobbies? Or, how much would you pay for a home security, personal safety, device? Do you think that Cell Phone, that you pay, how much? per month to own? is going to be your real and useful defense weapon?????

These are questions you must answer for yourself.

I have heard more male gun owners say their wives won't let them buy a gun or perhaps another gun, or that the man has too many guns, or that guns are too expensive. Well? I think those wives might want to think about that one.

Deron and I used to Race Sled Dogs. We did for yeeeeears. Now THAT is an expensive adventure, all year you feed the dogs and have dog care. We LOVED it. We LOVED each dog we owned. But for us, Target Shooting is cheap as compared. Much cheaper. And Target Shooting is yet another sport we can enjoy together.

Only you can decide if a gun is worth the money or not. But remember, if you are ever in a situation where you would NEED a gun and need it right now, and do not have one...it is too late to run out and buy one and learn to shoot it.


The best gun for a woman to carry, or even shoot, is the one she is most comfortable using. It is best, in my opinion, for a beginner shooter to start with a smaller caliber gun. A gun that fits well in her hand. If a person is able to, they need to shoot as many different types of guns before buying one for themselves. Most people can not, do not, get that opportunity to do this. One way to learn is to visit Gun Shops and talk to the sales people. Don't be in a hurry to buy your gun. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Do not feel "dumb", if you do not know about guns, ask. Take your time.

Most areas offer some sort of beginners or woman's shooting gun owners lessons, or seminars, TAKE IT. Go and learn and meet other women in your area that are also learning as you are. You never know. You might meet a life long friend there and have years of fun together shooting targets and other events.

Listen to your husband/father/boyfriend. Believe it or not, most men that shoot know a thing or two about guns. He can tell you about the power of each caliber, how much kick a gun might have, and yes, he will certainly tell you how good you look holding it.....and no, that gun does not make you look fat. If you are not married, or have someone that shoots, go to a Gun Shop where they are not on commission and talk to sales people. Listen to what they are saying and do not be afraid, you should in fact, take a little notebook and write down the guns you are interested in and what the sales people are telling you about them.


Another thing to think about is, Where you are going to carry your gun???? On your hip, on your ankle, in your bra? In your purse? They do make special purses that are made just for carrying a gun. If someone grabs your purse, now what? You might want to think "concealed weapon" and you will need to go and apply for a license to carry.

Where ever you do carry your gun, practice taking it from that place. Keep your finger OFF the trigger as you pull your gun out of the holster. Loaded or unloaded practice pulling your gun out with your finger away from the trigger. Just practice so that if the time ever comes that you need that gun fast, you are not fumbling around for it and or shoot yourself because you did not practice.


New Horses in WI 9-23-11

There is a saying that has probably been around since man has ridden horses, "Out Horsed". In today's world not everyone knows what that means, it means the person has a horse above their riding abilities. The same can happen with a gun. A person can be "Out Gunned", meaning they bought or are using a gun that is too much for them. When this happens, either with a horse or gun, it is an unsafe situation. Do not be afraid to admit that you are "Out Gunned". Trade your gun in for something that suits you better, or hang on to that gun until you have more experience and are able to shoot it. Of course, "Out Gunned" also means your opponent has more guns pointing at you than you and yours do pointed at them.

If a gun is too much for you, it can not only be not fun, it can be dangerous. Don't feel embarrassed if you feel out gunned. Stop shooting that gun. Don't every apologizes for doing the right thing and not shooting a gun you are uncomfortable using.

Most woman should start with a smaller caliber gun. Some men want their woman to have a 45 caliber, don't fall for that. Talk to sales people in Gun Shops, tell them your gun experience and they will be able to guide you to the gun you need.


This is a non issue. If you are a responsible Gun Owner you will have your guns put away properly. If you are a responsible parent, you will tell your children, and certainly mean it, they are not to even look at the guns when you are not there with them. If you choice to show your children the gun and tell them how it is a tool, but not a tool for them to ever touch. You want to stress to them that a gun is a tool like a lawnmower, and playing with a gun is like playing with the bottom side of the lawn mower.

If you have children in your home and you feel safer, put the lock on the gun and store it where they are not to be. Store your ammo in another area of your home. Just remember, if you need that gun for defense......

For many people a carry gun is just that. A gun they keep with them at all times.


I just came in from shooting a few rounds with my husband. We both work at home. So I usually go set up the Target Area, Carry the Guns and Ammo out, so that he can continue to work and then shoot an extra round (time wise). I also like that I am up moving around, carrying items, some not so light, and that I can help him have a bit of fun on a break from work. Then after we shoot he carries all he can in one trip and I take care of the rest. (We usually shoot a few different calibers when we go out.) I pick up all the played plastic bottles, any boxes and paper targets, carry in anything left out, reload the guns, put it all away. I LOVE IT! I DO THIS BY CHOICE AND HE ALWAYS ASKS "Are you sure Babe?". Not only do I have a shooting partner, this way Deron gets to shoot a little more without compromising work time. Annnnnnnnnd, I get a bit of a "work out" setting up and then putting it all away as well as when shooting (lifting the guns <grin>).

If you go to a Shooting Range with your friends and you want the work out too, be the one that gets there early, carries all the targets and guns and ammo to the site. Be the one to walk out, during a "cease fire" of course, to check any targets people can not see if they hit. Be the one to bend over and pick up all the empty brass, after the shooting is over of course. If you want weight training, holster a pistol on each hip and or ankle. You can also be the one to load the car before going and unload when you get home. Clean the guns, then reload them. By keeping your guns clean and ready, when a friend calls and wants to go shooting, you are ready. Target Shooting can be a work out and a very fun work out too. I am saying this all in jest...kind of, but seriously, you can get a good work out by doing these things.


I and not a gun expert, but I have shot a lot of different hang guns and rifles. These are my opinion on how they felt in my own hands/arms, how much recoil I thought I felt, how it loaded, how accurate I thought the gun was..... and such. Such might be how it looks, how much it weights, how it felt carried in a holster, ext. I am not a gun expert, I don't pretend to be, I have much to learn, but I do and have and will continue to encourage people, especially woman, to learn to shoot and to learn correctly.

I do not go on and on about exact sizing of the guns, about the bores, or details of that sort. I am writing this as a very beginner page, mostly for woman, and most just don't care about those details until they get their hands on the gun while talking to salespeople that ARE EXPERTS.

If you have a gun that you would like for us to review on this site, contact us. We do have a FFL Dealer that will handle the legality of the transfer of the gun. You can contact me at marna@faroutliving.com Thanks.
We will also let our friends give the gun a try, word of mouth sells big, well, you know that.


LoveThatGun 2012-05-03

This is kinda my quote, or a quote of/from me. It is something I say when I shoot a gun I really like. One that is not to hard to handle, low kick, has a lot of bang on the target, and is very accurate. My other quotes are "My new favorite gun.", "Wait til you try (gun name and caliber) you are going to love it. Love It!".


When I was a kid my father was a hunter. I learned respect for guns from him. I also learned to shoot a BB Gun, Pellet Gun long before I got to shoot that 22 Rifle. I was not allowed to handle the ammo.

As an adult a group of us used to get together now and again for a bit of shooting. We did a bit of sheet shooting and I loved it! I got pretty good at it.

My first gun purchase was a Marlin 22 rifle. It was not expensive and tons of fun. I was lucky to have friends that owned property where I could shoot it and a Shooting Range about an hour away from where I lived that I visited often. One thing I did not learn to do was care for the gun as I should. My father would not have been proud of the care I did not extend to that gun. I still have that gun and it still shoots nice. But it does not look like it should. Since then, I learned, cleaning and caring for guns not only keeps them accurate and shooting right, it keeps them in good looking condition. Storing them properly matters.

My 22 Rifle was a great gun for me to start shooting. It is easy for a beginner to shoot, has very little, very little recoil kick, and can be a very accurate, and albeit deadly, gun. My Marlin is very accurate even after then poor care I had given it in the past.

Deron bought the same gun, make and model and still uses his frequently. His came with a scope and he can really "reach out" with his.


Marna's 357 closeup

My first Hang Gun, the first one I bought, is a EAA model EA/R 357/38 Revolver. Also known as the Saturday Night Special. For me, not a good first hand gun. I injured my wrists working years ago and so, now healed, I protect them well. When I first started shooting this gun, it was not fun for me. It was far too much of a kick. Deron bought me lighter load ammo (ammo with less kick) and that helped, but was still a bit much for me. I enjoyed shooting it now and again, a round of maybe three, but I just did/do not want to take the chance with my wrists. I was "out horsed" when I first used this gun.

Overall, this really is a nice Revolver. It is easy to carry, large for conceal, a bit heavy, but very doable by any woman of any size. It shoots great and is a very accurate gun. It is "far reaching" and has a lot of blow up power when the bullet meets that target.

This gun is really no nonsense. It loads easy, you can dispels the shells easily, and quickly. It is an easy gun to clean. It is also a nice looking gun. This same gun now comes in colors, I have seen the PINK and the PURPLE and if you want one, buy them when you see them, the colored ones are flying off the shelves!


Bersa Thunder 380

I wanted a gun that I could carry, had some stopping power, but did not have the kick my 38 Special does. After talking to salesmen and Deron doing a lot of research on line, I found, while not really ready to buy, the Bersa Thunder 380. It happen to come with a "kit", that is gun talk for with accessories. One of the items it came with is a can of Pepper Spray.....really? Pepper Spray and a place for it in the holster the gun came with <?> Really? If someone is that close and threading me, do I stand there and decide "Gun or Pepper Spray?", I still have not figured out why the Pepper Spray. But I am telling you, I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS GUN! I have shared this with several other new shooters and they too, LOVE this gun.

This is a gun that feels good in your hand, shoots well, is accurate out of the box, has reaching power and a lot of POW when the bullet meets the target. Mine came with, among other things, a thumb saver, it is a little tool that helps you fill the bullets into the magazine fast and easier then bare handed. You DO want this type of little tool for any automatic pistol you purchase.

I only bought a different carry/concealed gun because the Bersa Thunder 380 was a bit bigger then I wanted to carry on my side at all times. We live way out on the prairie so we are talking about an all day carry. Otherwise, this is one great gun!



I carry a Taurus 380 TCP. I liked it so much Deron started shooting it too. He thought it might be a good small carry (concealed) gun or back up carry gun for him. So we bought another in Pink, the gun I now carry. We found we could shoot eggs off the top of milk jugs at 35' pretty consistently. (more to come)

Burgo 22 Short Pistol 2012-03-07

My back up carry is a Burgo 22. Not only is it cute, it is a fun and inexpensive little gun to shoot. Burgos are hard to find. I will however probably change this to my smaller H & R Nine Shot soon.

Your carry gun should be a gun that is one that you can shoot well, and accurate, but also is not too heavy for you to have on your hip or leg, or where ever you carry it. (more to come)


PinkLadies 2012-04-29

In 1998 my husband and I saw a Revolver at a Gun Store with PINK pearl handles. I wanted that gun. We went back for it not too many days later and it was sold. The PINK must have caught on and caught on quick because today you can buy PINK guns in calibers from 25, 22 and up, hand guns or long guns. Several Gun Manufacturers are now making and selling colored guns. I am looking for a particular PINK45 by EAA now.

But guns are not only PINK. Gun dealers have caught on to the women and some men that like the colors on the guns. I have seen guns in yellow, green, blue, purple, olive drab, camo, pink camo, brown, tan..... I had a friend that was not convinced about colored guns. I told her that if you go to a Shooting Range and set your colored gun down, everyone knows that one is your. Well? For now that is. These colored guns, and I mean every color, are very popular. Stephanie, who starts on Sons of Guns the TV show, shows off her own BLUE gun often. She may have helped colored guns become even more popular.

Is it about the color? Yes and no. I like shooting, but I want a gun that fits my needs and does not have too much recoil for my hands/body. I would rather shoot a normal black gun than a colored one that hurts or startles me when I shoot it. But here is the thing. There are some great colored guns now that are just what woman and some men are looking for. So why settle for black, if it is not your color when you can have that same gun in a color of your choice?


TaurusTCP Pink 2012-04-29

When I bought my first carry gun Deron did a lot of research On Line. He and I also talked to a lot of salesmen and other shooters. We spend an entire day looking at different guns for me to carry. I wanted a small light weight gun, but something larger than a 22. While looking at other guns, in two different Guns Shops, without asking, two separate men, that shoot and own a lot of guns, neither I had met before, told me that the Taurus 380 TCP was "a great little gun for the price and was an accurate little gun". Well, when someone comes up and gives you advise like that in one Gun Shop you listen, when two men, in two different Gun Shops tell you the same thing.....you buy that type of gun. I did. Deron and I were shooting eggs off a milk jug at 35' ON THE SECOND CLIP EACH WE EVER PUT IN THE GUN! THAT is an accurate little gun! It, of course, has more kick in your hand then a larger, longer barreled 380, but even then, not too bad. Deron and I liked shooting that little Taurus so much, we bought another in PINK and I have carried and used that gun now for several months. Deron carried the first one we bought. I recommend this gun to others often.


A little more on the Taurus TCP 380:

I can not say enough about this little gun. I really do love this gun. For me, the perfect carry gun...and it is cute and comes in so many colors. It is small and light weight enough to be discrete and powerful enough, when shot correct, to have stopping power.

Here are the Specs.

Weight: 9 Ounces
Barrel: 3.30" (the gun is approx. 5 1/2" long and 4" tall with a magazine in the gun)
Action: DOA
Caliber: 380 ACP
Sites: Raised Nobs (I painted the back area with Pink Fingernail Polish for evening/better shooting)
Magazine: Holds 6


Almost everyone has seen a 22 Revolver, at least on TV or the Big Screen. But not everyone should have or even shoot one. Some how, somewhere, respect for this gun was lost. Somehow many people see it as more of a toy. NO LIVE BULLET SHOOTING GUN IS A TOY, NOT ONE. Somehow also, many people think they can just pick one up and shoot it like they do in the movies. Fact is, the average person could not load it or dispel the shells.

Some people are surprised to find out that Revolvers come in more calibers then just the 22. And yes, there are colored Revolvers for sale, I have seen both PINK and PURPLE Revolvers for sale in Gun Stores and at Gun Shows....but they sell fast! The colored Revolvers I have seen are in the 38 caliber. Keep in mind, those bigger caliber Revolvers usually have a kick to them.


JC Higgins Model 88 9shot 22 pistol

These are not real uncommon, but they are not real easy to find either. I have a couple. I think <grin> these are what they used in some of the old westerns on TV. When the shoot outs would start and the cowboys had revolvers, but they just kept shooting after they hit number six. We all used to joke about it. I did not know until a couple of years ago that they even made nine shooter revolvers, but man, I like them!

This one was the first I had, the first Nine Shot Revolver I had seen. At first I was.... But when I used this gun, cleaned this gun, loaded and unloaded this gun, I really liked it. This one is a JC Higgens model 88 Break Open 9 Shot. All in all, I would recommend this to someone thinking about a 22 Revolver.

H&R 9shot pistol 2012-04-29

My other Nine Shot 22 Revolver is an H&R model 929. This one I went out looking for. I had decided I wanted a 22 to "plink" with and this type would be good to use and not as expensive as an Automatic. Funny thing was, we went to a Gun Show, Huge Show, stood in line a good long time before going in. When Deron paid at the door I walked straight forward to a booth and laid eyes right on it. I talked the guy down, filled out the paperwork and bought the gun. When I brought it home and shot it, I was glad I found it. It is indeed a nice little gun to "plink" with. It is easy to clean, pretty accurate, easy to load and unload. Worth the money I paid for it. Again, I would recommend this gun, and if you find any nice Nine Shooter in a Revolver and you think you want one. But it. Nine Shooters, while not too uncommon, are not always that easy to find.


Tanfoglia 6shot 22LR pistol 2012-04-29

This is a KOOOOL little gun Deron and I bought at a Garage Sale....for a very good price. I am glad we bought this gun, but I do not use it much. This gun is called a Tanfoglia model TA76 22 Push Rod Revolver. "Push Rod" means you load and unload each bullet one at a time. This is a great thing for a beginner to learn with, but slow when out "plinking". It will slow you down from burning through a box of ammo.


Burgo 6shot 22short pistol 2012-04-29

This is a cute little German 22 Revolver from 1962, it uses a 22 short, <read little bitty> bullet. I really like the look and feel of this gun a lot. I saw this gun in a Pawn Store for less then $90, and when I finished bargaining for it, I was pleased with the price and went off to buy ammo for it on the way home. I could not wait to try out this little pistol.

If you read reviews on line about the Burgo, it can have some problems. The problem most talked about is the "timing". The teeth on the back of the cylinder get worn (it is an older gun) and cause timing problems. We are sure that mine has that problem. Most of the time, all six rounds shoot. But now and again a bullet or two will not go off. We are checking into the problem and how to fix it.

But I can not help myself, I love this little gun! When it works it is a blast to shoot.

This would NOT be a good carry gun, unless it was the only gun you own.


Cobra C22LR

This is a gun I had to have. Had. To. Have. They are cute and so small. It was the first gun I was going to buy for a carry gun. Then I talked to sales people and other shooters who persuaded me to look at the automatics that held more and larger bullets. Well. I still wanted that Derringer. They can be pricey for a two shot 22 little bitty gun. Years later when I walked into a Gun Shop and saw it there for less then $150 new, what I thought was a Great Deal. I had to purchase it. I got the chrome with white "pearl" handles. They do have other choices, like the black gun with wood handles and now several other colors. I was indeed surprised and it was nice to see, this gun has a life time warranty from the USA Manufacturer and it came with a one year membership to the NRA.

This gun shoots a bit different then other guns. You pull the trigger down, not back.

I got a kick out of the fact that this gun fits in my little Cell Phone Holster, behind my Cell Phone. The idea of having a "concealed weapon" is that no one sees or knows you have it. It is hidden and out of site. There are holsters on the market for bra just made for this little gun.....but you have to have the body to hide the gun and be able to conceal the gun. Not all of us do.

more to come

Barrel: 2 1/2" (the gun is approx. 4 1/4" long and approx 3 1/4" tall
Caliber: 22LR
Magazine: None, chamber holds 2 bullets


Walthers vs SigSaur 22 pistols

I wanted a 22 caliber pistol so that I could keep the cost of ammo down. I wanted a nice and attractive one. But DANG! The 22s cost the same as the 380s and other larger caliber guns. Why? Well, then it hit me one day. I sell all sorts of animal/pet items. Among the many items I sell are included sled dog and goat harnesses. When I make a harness for a very large dog, or a very small dog, I charge the same for each harness. Why? Same work involved. Mostly, other then the amount of webbing, the same equipment is involved. That, I understood and it made sense to me then. So I started looking at 22 pistols more seriously.

Two I really liked and they are both very pretty. The Sig Sauer Mosquito comes in a variety of colors. Their PINK was a Limited Edition and are now hard to find in some, if not most areas. There is a reason for that. The Sig Sauer Mosquito is a very nice gun anyway you look at it. The Mosquitoes Pink is a bright/neon pink and very pretty. This is a nice gun that they make and sell in many different colors.

The first time I saw a Walther's PINK 22 pistol, it was a soft pink. The one I have here is a very bright/neon pink. The handle of this gun is very feminine. It is, well, almost elegant. It is made for a small hand and has deep hand grips in the handle. A very nice feel in your hand. It is light weight and holds, as does the Mosquito, 10 rounds in the clip.

Pink 22s 2012-04-29

When I read the two manuals I found that the Sig Sauer was very clean on how and whys. Walther's was not. Sig Sauer told the exact ammo to use and even gave you a coupon for the right type. Walther's said to only use the correct ammo, but I could not find, in print, what they recommended as the correct ammo. Wather's manual was more about warnings, and I understand that in today's world, and very little about the gun I bought. The Sig Sauer's manual was/is very clear about the gun and it's parts and care and still covers the same warnings too.

After running over 200 bullets through each gun before starting this comparison...

Right out of the box the Sig Sauer is very accurate. It has the look and feel of bigger caliber guns and could/does/might keep a person practicing for larger caliber sports while using the 22, meaning, cheaper ammo for practice. While fun to shoot the Walthers did not seem as accurate as the Sig Sauer. The Sig Sauer throws the expelled shells right in a pile just off to the right, the Walther's were just thrown, not so much together, and some further then others. The same good ammo was used in both guns.

CleaningAPistol 2012-04-29

When cleaning the two guns we noticed that the Walter's was not very easy to put back together. Actually the Walther's was a "pain" to get back together.

LoadingMagazine1 LoadingMagazine2

The Walther's does load ammo easier, with the slight push of the magazine button. It is quick and easy. Not that the Sig Sauer is hard, just not as easy as the Walther's.

One more thing.... The Walther's is more photogenic than the Sig Sauer. <grin> The Walther's is a very pretty gun, very pretty. It looks just like it does in all the photos that make us Lady's want that gun. I can not get a good true color photo of the Sig Sauer, it comes out reddish or orangish, which it is not. It is a very pretty, makes you say, "I want one of those", gun.

much more to come

Secs. for the Sig Sauer Mosquito

Barrel: " (the gun is approx. " long and " tall with a magazine in the gun)
Magazine: Holds 10

Specs. for the Walther's P22 Pistol

Weight: Approx 16 Ounces with magazine (great weight for woman's hand, easy to handle)
Barrel: 3 1/2" (the gun is approx. 6 1/2" long and 5" tall with a magazine in the gun)
Action: Blowback Semiauto
Caliber: 22LR
Sites: Three Dots, came with two sets
Magazine: Holds 10


Ruger SR9c

We shopped and shopped and shopped for a 9 mil that I would enjoy. I wanted one for Competition Shooting....not that I will be great at competition, but what fun and what a fun way to meet people with the same interests. Deron was surprised when I walked up to the counter of a Sporting Goods Store, asked to see the Rugar 9 mil, I asked a couple of questions, looked it over, then talked them down on the price and bought it.

One of the two magazines/clips this gun comes with holds 17 bullets. The first day we took this gun out to shoot I told Deron, "I will shoot six, you shoot six, then we will have an idea of how it shoots." We agreed. Since we both work at home, we were just kinda running out to try the new gun then back to work. I shot first, 17. I looked at Deron and said, "This is my new favorite gun!" I refilled the clip and told him "Six just won't do!" He shot, he liked it a lot too. We shot it some more.

This gun has a great handle feel to it. The magazine with the 17 bullet chamber comes with an extension to the end of the handle, that I love, making it even better then it is with the 10 bullet magazine, not to mention more shooting between loading. I was afraid, in fact worried, all the way home after buying the gun, that I would not like it, that it would have a big kick that my wrists would not like. It did not. It is a very accurate gun, very accurate, with what I would call, very little kick for the power this gun has. It is easy to use, and load, and fun to shoot. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS GUN!

Weight: 23.40 ounces
Barrel: 3.50" (the gun is approx. 6.85" long and 4.61" tall with a magazine in the gun)
Caliber: 9mm Luger
Sites: Raised Three Dot (very well set they make this gun very accurate)
Magazine: Mine Came with two, one Holds 17 and the other 10 ~ I prefer the 17, not only because it holds more bullets, but it extends the handle for a better grip. When I bought extras, I bought the 17.


Diamondback 380 Pistol

I love our Taurus 380 TCPs, LOVE THEM! But when I had the opportunity to shoot this little PINK (more of a Raspberry) colored Dimondback DB380 compact gun, I took it. I liked this gun right away. The look, feel, recoil, accuracy, 6 in the magazine, nice sites, very nice pistol. I really like that it has the "beaver tail" for saftey over your thumb. That is the little par that comes out over the thumb under the slide. This protects your thumb from the slide biting it, a problem for many that hold the gun to high.

This little gun packs a big bang, is easy to clean, danged accurate, and look at the photo, just a nice looking, pretty little, girly girl or not, pistol. Any person, they come in black too, that wants a small carry gun with power, or just one for hiding in the home, any person that can shoot, would probably enjoy this gun.

YES! I would recommend this gun. In fact I have already said, more than once, to more then one of my shooting buddies, "Wait til you shoot that little PINK Diamondback 380, you are going to love it. Love It!".

more coming soon

Weight: 8.8 Ounces
Barrel: 2.80" (the gun is approx. 5 1/2" long and 3 1/2" tall with a magazine in the gun)
Action: Zero Energy Striker Fire
Caliber: 380
Sites: Raised with Three Dots (one of the nicest site set up I have seen in this sized and caliber gun)
Magazine: Holds 6


Taurus PT840

This is Deron's IDPA competition gun. Deron did a lot of on line research as well as actual shopping before buying his 40 Cal. The Taurus seemed like a great gun and with/for/to us already having the Taurus 380 TCPs, he bought the 40 caliber. We were not wrong.

This is a gun even a new shooter can shoot well. It is not hard to hang on to when you pull the trigger, not a lot of kick or what is called recoil, not too hard to load (although I do use the thumbsaver when I reload it), and I like that each clip/magazine holds 15 bullets.

It is not a gun I would carry, but Deron does daily. It is too big for my hip and my arm is very unnatural when I have it on my belt. But that is for sure my opinion and for another it might be that perfect gun for them to carry. A 40 caliber has "stopping power" and the look of it on a hip can be intimidating enough to stop trouble.

Deron and I have enjoyed this gun a couple of months now (before I wrote this review) and I have to say that I really like this gun. It is a bit to get used to the weight of the gun after (me) being used to lighter guns, but worth the extra effort it takes to shoot a couple of magazines. What I mean is, after a few bullet, I notice my arms are not as still (shakier, fatigued) as when I shoot my usual lighter weight guns.

We had three shooting buddies try out this gun. Each only shot it a couple of times, but seemed to have enjoyed it. Nik, who has had and shot guns for many years of his life commented on how nice it was and not as loud as other 40 calibers. Mindy, another girls/gals opinion....well, let's just say she smiled and kept shooting. We were not in our range when they shot it and I am hoping they will be soon. Then I can tell you how they also thought this gun is and more about their opinions.

I have cleaned this gun for Deron and couple of times now. (Deron and I have a "deal", he shoots more with me if I am able to do more of the background work, setting up for shooting and cleaning the guns. Great deal for me, great deal for him. Deron breaks the guns down, I clean, he puts them back together.) This gun is an easy one to clean. With the large caliber, you can see well what you have and have not cleaned.

The more I shoot/use this gun, and become more familiar with it, the more I like it.

Ok, the specs. For the novice these won't mean too much. But the novice should read through them and try to learn from them. Mostly, note the size of the gun and decide if this is a gun in the class you would buy from and use.

Weight: 32 oz (that is two pounds)
Barrel: 4" (the gun is approx. 8" long and 6" tall with a magazine in the gun)
Action: Single/Double
Caliber: 40 Smith & Wesson
Sites: Three Dots
Magazine: Holds 15

Taurus 2012-05-11

Taurus makes a PINK 40 Caliber that seems much like Deron's Taurus PT840 40. Guess What? it is on my "wish list"

TAURUS 24/7 PRO C DS (PINK Polymer Frame)

Taurus PT24:7 40 pink 2012-05-11

I GOT ONE! I FINALLY FOUND ONE AND BOUGHT IT! Let me tell you right away, that if you think, even if you just think, you might want one of these guns, start looking now. They are hard to find and harder to purchase. I would not sell mine either!

I set up several different targets at different distances. First bullet out of the gun, from 35' I hit the Soda Bottle I was aiming at, but I hit it about 3" higher then I was aiming...but still. <grin> After that I hit and missed targets, but lately, that is how I have been shooting. I did hit the Orange Rubber Target (about 6" tall) 40' out the first time I aimed at it. Overall, I like this gun very much. It is lighter weight then Deron's Taurus PT840 40 Cal, but shoots about the same. I might not have hit every target with the new Taurus 24/7 but Deron about did! It was hit, hit, hit for him. Our opinion is that this is a nice gun. Two days later I took this gun out to our Shooting Range that is about 100' from our office window. I went out alone, Deron was working. SON OF A GUN! I was hitting far more then missing, and sorry that Deron was missing seeing me hitting several of the targets! I was glad to hear him "whoop and holler" and see his arms moving about in the window (of course I was not watching him while I was shooting) as the targets were flying! Seems I like this gun more and more.

more to come ~ photos coming (of course)

Weight: 28 ounces
Barrel: 4.2" (the gun is approx. 6.5" long and 5 1/2" tall with a magazine in the gun)
Action: Single/Double
Caliber: 40
Sights: Fixed Heinie Three Dots (seems to shoot a bit low, but if you aim that way, you will shoot well)
Magazine: Came with two one holds 15 the other 11



Deron did a lot of On Line research as well as talking to others about their own 1911's.

coming soon

CZ82 9 mm Painted PINK

Marna's CZ82  2012-05-27 Marna's CZ82  2012-05-27 Marna's CZ82  2 2012-05-27 Marna's PINK CZ82

I wanted a PINK 9 mil and Deron found this one on an On Line Gun Auction. So he bid, no one else did so we got it for the bottom dollar. We picked it up at our FFL Gun Shop and picked up ammo for it while we were there. This pistol takes and hold 12 9 mm Markarov in the magazine. The pistol is a bit stiff, could it be the paint? Or that it is an older gun? Or just the way this gun is made? It might take a little time for me to get used to shooting and using it. (although I hit the first two targets I shot at with it) It is not as smooth as the Ruger 9 mil, but shoots well and knocks down targets. The shells/bullet cases! They shoot out the side up to 35'! Now that is different. I guess you can hit the BGs (bad guys) both in front of you and to your right all at once.

much more to come


DerringerManual 2012-05-04

While I am not finished reviewing guns (long guns below), I wanted to tell you about some accessories you might want to own with your guns. No doubt, you could just have your gun and your ammo and be just fine. But with a few accessories, you will be "better".... or your gun and ammo will be.

The first accessory and a very important accessory is your manual. If one did not come with your gun, look for a copy on line. Most, if not all, are free, many you just down load. Get one and read it before loading your gun.

more coming soon


You could always keep your gun in the Gun Case it comes in. If you gun did not come to you in a case, at the very least you need one for storing and transporting your gun. But if you want to carry your gun, you need, that is NEED a holster. You holster will need to fit not only the gun, but your body and or needs.

If you did not receive a Gun Case when you bought your gun, I recommend you spend a little money and buy one for the size of your gun. Not all guns come in the nice hard plastic cases with accessories and manuals. Gun Cases are not that expensive, well, can be I guess depending on what you choose. But an inexpensive Gun Case will not only keep your gun safe from being knocked around and scratched, it will keep the dust off the gun and keep it cleaner for the next use.

And yes. Gun Cases come in color. A couple of min are PINK.



If you are going to carry your gun, you will need a safe place for it. You need to decide if you are going to carry it on your hip, or ankle, your bra, your belt, your chest, or in your purse. Where ever you decide there is a holster made for it. If you carry in a purse, your gun needs to be inside a holster. Not only is it not safe just loose in your purse, it can get awfully dinged up moving around next to all your other items. An unholstered gun, if cocked and loaded, might just go off when you do not expect it. Also, if you would need to pull that gun out of your purse and use it, you do not want it hung up on any item or something stuck in the trigger area. There are purses and belly bags made just for carrying your gun within that have holsters that velcro safely in an easy assessable area.

You will need to correct size and type of holster for your gun and uses. Holsters come in an array of types, sizes, colors, materials.... if you need help buying the holster you need, again, ask a salesperson in a gun shop or sporting goods store.

more coming soon


ThumbSaver 2012-05-04 ThumbLoading 2012-05-04

A Thumbsaver is a tool for pushing down the spring of the magazine/clip and very important to have for the bigger caliber guns. I do not use one for my Taurus TCP 380, but I do for my Bersa Thunder 380 and all of the other pistols of bigger caliber. It not only saves your fingernails, it saves your thumbs a lot of hurt/pain. It is a good thing to have a couple for your bigger caliber guns that you shoot in more then one area. If you loose one, you have a back up and believe me, you will want a back up.

Most Thumbsavers need to be made for the gun you are using them on. They are not a "Universal Tool"....and they are not cheap either.

coming soon


your really need these, information coming soon


must have, I will be writing about the different types very soon.


I wear leather Shooting Gloves and I recommend that at least new shooters wear Shooting Gloves. Mine are snug fitting Elk Hide. The pair I bought were not expensive, and I only use this pair for shooting, nothing else. I have another pair just like them for winter riding (horses). You want your Shooting Gloves to fit snug when you buy them. Leather stretches and you do not want extra room sloshing around while shooting. I wash mine with a load of old towels on cold and hang them to dry. Yes. They will feel very snug again after washing.

more to come


Before buying your Shooting/Tactical Bag you need to decide what all you will carry and or store in it. They can get pretty heavy with guns and ammo and other shooting equipment, so decide the best way for you to carry it (on your shoulder, in your hand or as a backpack).

coming soon


These are very KOOOOL and some can seem to some expensive. Keep a few things in mind. Your gun is an investment, so the cost of the purse is worth protecting your gun and most of all carrying the gun correctly so that you can get to it quickly and easily. Top that with the Purses I have seen with Gun Holsters are very nice looking, you would never dream a gun was in most at first glance. You can find these type of purses in classic leather, or other sturdy fabrics, some in bright and beautiful colors, most will hold everything else you need away from your gun, but are not so big they look like a tote bag.

Your gun needs to be in a holster in your purse in it's own sleeve (alone in the area), you need to be able to access it fast and easy, and you don't want it showing as you carry your purse. Also keep this in mind. If the bad guy takes your purse, he now has your gun.

more to come


Yes. They really have these also. And further, they are GREAT!

more to come


The things you look through or down to mark your shooting site.

You can learn a LOT by just listening in a Gun Store. When I was still shopping for my second pistol I was in a Gun Department of a Sporting Goods store and over heard a couple of young men buying a gun with a Lazer. I asked about it. I learned a lot. I learned from these two shooters that it is not something for everyone. I learned that a Lazer Site is normally very accurate. They are fun to use and now are made for more and more pistols. One thing to keep in mind with a Lazer Site, they told me, you can give your self away, where you are, by using one in a "bad guy" situation.

more to come


Most people that own three or more guns at least DREAM of owning a Gun Cabinet or Gun Sage Vault.

more to come



Clay Pigeon Thrower ~ 3

Many moons ago a group of us used to get together and shoot skeet, it was a BLAST! If you do not know what skeet is, it is a small round disk of biodegradable clay, kinda like a frisbie for guns. Skeet is also called "Clay Pigeons" You shoot skeet with a Shot Gun. 12 Gauge is the most popular caliber. A couple of years ago Deron and I went out to shoot skeet, not only could I no longer throw the skeet out of the hand held skeet thrower like I used to, the 12 gauge was just too much for me. God Love Deron. He got to where he could throw and shoot his own skeet.

My 50th Birthday came and went a few years ago. The 12 gauge was just to much of a kick for my shoulder bones (I had been away from shooting a shot gun for several years) and I just no longer had the ability to get that skeet way up in the air as I did a few years ago. So? How did we solve this? Deron found a skeet shooter that you set up inside a tire, see photo (note the clay pigeon in the upper left hand corner of the photo coming out of the shooter), that you, when ready, pull the cord and the shooter throws the skeet out and up for the shooter to shoot at. We also found a BEAUTIFUL 20 gauge wood stock pump shot gun at a Pawn Store for a steal! The 20 gauge Shot Gun has less kick (to me far less) than a 12 gauge Shot Gun. This made it easier and fun for me to shoot a Shot Gun at Skeet again.

At a Gun Show I bought another BEAUTIFUL woodstock 16 gauge Shot Gun for such a steal you would not even believe me if I told you how much I paid for it. It shoots like a dream, has more kick then the 20 gauge, but less then the 12 gauge.

And Ladies! I bought PINK Shot Gun Shells for the 20 gauge and PURPLE for the 16 gauge Shot Guns. A person that reloads ammo can reload those too. Some people use the expelled Shot Gun Shells for cute crafts, I have seen Santa Clauses made from red expelled shells crafted into Tree Ornaments.

One thing I want to warn you about, hold Rifles and Shot Guns tucked, snug and correct, or you can get good and hurt from the recoil. If you do not know how to hold one, ASK!

Blake, Deron's (then) 16 y/o son came to spend the Summer with us. We found a real nice older H&R Break Open (hinges at the barrel and you load one Shot Gun Shell at a time) 12 Gage Shot Gun at a Pawn Store and talked them down to a pretty good deal. We bought it for Blake. I only shot it the one time (so far) and did not hit my skeet (I am so out of practice), but Blake hit SEVENTEEN OUT OF NINETEEN Clay Pigeons thrown into the air with a Swing Arm Thrower. I would say it is not only a nice gun, he is a REALLY good shot! I gave him my recoil boot off my Mosin as well as a Shell Sleeve. After shooting several rounds with out the Recoil Boot, and then adding it, Blake claimed he was not sore.


Mosin Nagant 2012-03-24

Some friends came over to shoot with us one Friday Night and Nik brought with him a rifle we had never seen or not noticed before. It is called the Mosin Nagant. He asked if we would like to shoot it.....well, of course. Deron shot it and liked it, I shot it and I FELL IN LOVE WITH THAT RIFLE! What a great gun. Just beautiful, little kick, long reach, lots of bang, very accurate! It is also an inexpensive gun. Nik mentioned a Gun Show the next day. We all met there and had a great time. My mission? Find and buy a Mosin Nagant. I found a few people that had the Mosin's and I bought ours for $85. It shoots like a dream, it is a Russian Rifle used during World War II. If you are lucky, and want to spend a bit more on the same type of gun, you might find one from 1891 when they first started making them.

For my birthday the same year as I bought the Mosin Nagant Rifle, Deron bought for me two books on the Mosin Nagant, one is the thick manual that includes how Russian Troops were to carry, clean, and store their rifles at all times, different ways per what they were doing at the time. Very interesting to read.....especially when someone IS IN LOVE WITH THAT GUN! There is much to learn about the Mosin and it's rich history.

These guns can often be bought from Gun Shops for less then $100 with ALL the WWII accessories! In the photo you can see the great shape this rifle is in, how beautiful the wood is, and it came with a bayonet, cleaning tools, double ammo pouch, and shoulder strap. When buying a Mosin Nagant Rifle, check and make sure that each of the parts have the same Russian Serial Number on them. You should also see the year it was made and it will have a symbol of where it was made. You might find that the original Serial Numbers have been ground down and someone in the USA engraved new numbers in. There is nothing wrong with that, won't hurt how the gun shoots, but if you wanted the piece for Historical Purposes also, the engraved will not be worth as much as a collectors piece.

Don't forget, you might buy the thick Mosin Nagant Rifle Manual in book form. It is fun to read and will tell you all about the gun and how to use it, take it apart, add the bayonet, how to shoot the gun, including how to shoot when wearing skies. In the other book called "The Mosin-Nagant Riffle" it will tell you about the different symbols on the gun and so much more. They are not only informative books, but fun stuff to know about your gun.

Nagant also made a Revolver. One of these, if not two, are on my "wish list". Nik has one of these too. His came with some very KOOOOL accessories including a very nice holster with little pouches for extra ammo.

DPMS AR15 223

AR15 Scoped Out 2012-05-04

We just came in from shooting this gun as I write (start) this. WOWSERS! I Love This Gun! Very little (to none) recoil kick, 30 bullets in the magazine/clip, now pretty accurate with the new scope, very far reaching, and I will say again, very little to no recoil kick! What more could you want out of a semi automatic gun!

AR15 Scope Mounting2 2012-05-04

These guns do not normally come equipped with a scope or even a site. Some people can shoot them without but most of us are just wasting bullets shooting without a site of some sort. The reason these guns do not come with scopes and or sites is because the idea of these guns is to customize them. Of course you are able to use them "right out of the box" too. Personally...I am thinking I need one in a color. What color, gosh, probably pink.

DeronShootingAR15 2012-05-04

In the past looking at these guns, I was just not impressed or interested. I guess I always leaned toward the woodstock old style guns. OK, I will admit it, Deron was right, these are very KOOOOL guns.

MarnaShootingAR15 2012-05-04

more to come


This gun is one of Deron's favorites. He bought this one when he was at a Gun Show.

photo and more about the gun coming soon


Deron and I have other Long Guns. But Long Guns are not really my thing. Deron however is quite the shooter with a Long Gun and I have been encouraging him to set up a page here and or website to talk about them......well? He just does not have a lot of time to do that, you know that thing called work, keeping this place and our old truck running, and if he wants to shoot we work that into the schedule. Hopefully one day he will take the time, but don't look for it too soon.


What is the right gun for you? Only you will know that when you start looking at and talking to shooters and sales people about guns. You will have an idea in your head, what it will look like, how big of a bang you want, why you want it, who you will shot with...you will have an idea. You will have an idea because this is a purchase you should not take lightly. It is like buying a vehicle. Think it out. What do you need or want it for? Where will you use it?

Again, it is best if you can shoot different guns to know what you like. Take your time. If you see a gun on line you can ask your local Gun Store if they can order one like it for you. But you can not just order a gun and have it shipped to your home. You will have to be approved as a law abiding citizen to own a gun.

After buying your gun you are responsible for it at all time. Know where it is, know how many bullets are in it, and most of all, know how to shoot it. A gun in NOT something you lend out. If it is ever stolen report it stolen right away.


You might purchase a gun from Gun Shops, Pawn Shops, Gun Shows and from Individuals, Deron and I have. We even bought a 22 pistol at a Garage Sale.....things are a bit different in SD then say CA. For your first gun, after shopping a lot, buy from a Gun Shop or Pawn and Gun Shop. Most will warranty the gun. You can not take back a gun, but most will buy it back, or help you get it fixed. ASK before buying what you do if the gun has a problem, most guns do not. If you have someone that knows about guns ask that person to come with you when your buy your gun, to look it over, even a new gun.


So you have this idea that you will buy a gun, easy to find, and you will "just paint it" the color you want it to be. Well, that is fine if you have the correct tools, the correct paint, the correct area to paint within, and the time it takes to paint a gun and paint it right. You can not just buy a $2 can of spray paint and glide that over your gun and think that your color will have staying power. Please do the research on how to paint a gun and what all you will need to do this.


Any item that shoots is dangerous and should be handled with respect. The same respect your would use with a gun. While most people do not take other shooting items as serious, they should, in the right hands, or wrong hands, they can be just as deadly as a loaded gun.


Deron Paint Ball Gun and Target

Yes. They are fun. But guess what? Paintball Guns can be very dangerous too. Be sure to wear protection when shooting them. Know how to use them. Buy the proper paintballs for the gun you shoot. Wear the proper equipment and don't cry or whine when you are hit with a shot....after all, you stepped unto the shooting field. "If you are going to dish it out, you need to be able to take it."

Before you run off to a Paint Ball Field and Games, learn to use the gun. Learn to load it, shoot it, and reload both the CO2 Cartridges and Paint Balls. Learn how to put your protection on properly. Then go have fun....but again I will warn you. Those Paint Balls can hurt and there is no whining or crying on the field. Another saying that comes to mind "If you can not stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen."


Marna Bow Shooting Feb 1 2012

We own and use Long Bows, Compound Bows, Recurve Bows, Cross Pistol Bows. A person can have tons of fun shooting a Bow and Arrow, but remember, they are as deadly as a gun and have far more power then people give them credit for. You must have something to shoot into/at, more then just a target, a stopper. You can purchase stopper targets at most Sporting Good and Gun Shops.

Like guns, you should wear shooter protection. You will need eye protection and arm and finger protection. You also need the proper Arrows for each type of Bow. Again, please talk to people that know about Bows and Arrows before you run out and buy them. Talk to salespeople. Salespeople really are there to help you, but talk to more then one. Get several opinions.

Bows are set up for different Draw String Strengths. I can not pull Deron's Bows, but I have and am able to pull a 150 pound Cross Bow by the way it is set up. NEVER DRY FIRE A BOW (dry fire = letting the string go without an arrow in the bow) If you are just starting out, and popularity has picked up on Bows and Arrows due to new movies coming out and the beautiful women Bow Shooters in the Series Spartacus, talk to dealers before buying. Read all you can get your hands on about how to use a Bow safely. If you know anyone that enjoys Archery, ask them, we all love to talk about our hobbies.

Marna Archery 2012-06-05

Before buying your Archery Equipment read, talk to people that enjoy the sport and handle the different types. I was able to shoot a Cross Bow at Cabella's. Deron and I also talked to the salesman in great detail about the Crossbows and Bolts (bolt = crossbow arrows). Cross Bows, as KOOOOL as they are, are expensive and dangerous. I learned I could get my finger taken off just holding the Bow incorrectly.

I shoot my Bow and Arrows (guns and other weapons) for fun. Just at targets out here on the prairie. I am not a hunter so I do not need the power of expensive Bows......but I do want to own and shoot one some day.....and have looked at many. Deron was sure I was going to buy a couple of times.

My point is....don't just grab a Bow and buy Arrows. Know what you are buying and know how to shoot them. Don't just shoot your Bow anywhere. You still need a good safe place to shoot, not your suburbia back yard. As with Guns or Knives or even Sling Shots, Bow and Arrows are deadly and serious. Be safe and have fun. You can not undead neither a person or the neighbors dog.


New Blow Gun Feb 2012

OMGOODNESS! Blow Guns are so much fun and can be so dog gonned accurate! Again, they can be deadly. You must learn to load them and not to draw your breath for shooting while your mouth is on the mouth piece. You do not want to shoot them in a grassy area, the ammo is either like a very sharp straight pin or a very sharp nail. But in the right area, being able to find any ammo you missed the target with, these guns are a lot of fun. Deron and I enjoyed the 24" Blow Gun so much we bought a 36". You can shoot paintballs out of blowguns, but the paintballs need to be the correct size and you need a good back drop for your target.

Your targets for Blow Guns need to be softer, like a cardboard box (although when first learning to shoot them, Deron shot a Sharp Pin like bullet through the box and on......) or an Archery target/blocker (however blow to hard and it will become part of the blocker).

Again. This is a serious, albeit a blast, weapon. Learn to use it, shoot it in the correct setting, respect it as you would a gun, store it away from others that do not know how to use it, and have fun with it.

These make great, inexpensive gifts for your shooting buddies. Or fun prizes for the best shooter of the day when out Target Shooting with friends.


When I was a young child my father taught me to shoot a BB Rifle. Our sons, all five, had to be 10 y/o before they could own a BB Gun and then it was shot under adult supervision only. Deron and I would not start a child out with anything larger then a BB Gun, but some people do.

I bought my oldest two sons CO2 Pellet Pistols one year for Christmas. Those guns were so nice I ended up with one for myself. I used it for quite awhile before buying my first pistol. It, for me, was a great place to start. I learned to handle and shoot well. It gave me the confidence when buying and shooting the first Pistol I owned.

If you have not had any shooting experience you might want to learn with a CO2 Pellet Pistol. You might be surprised how fun they are to shoot. Some are quite accurate and reach further than others.


No kidding. Sling Shots. Yes. They can be very dangerous even with no ammo in them (think rubber band snapping) but they can also be a fun thing to shoot and have a lot of fun with. When taught properly this is something a child can shoot. There are many types of Sling Shots and many types of Ammo for the Sling Shots, including rocks. I have not met anyone that does not know the story of David and Goliath.

Sling Shots really can be deadly and should be treated as such. They are not a toy, they are a weapon. Sling Shots, as well as all weapons, need to be respected and shot in the correct setting. We used to shoot Sling Shots when we lived in wooded WI, at trees with paintballs. The first shooter would pick a knot on the tree and mark it, then everyone else would try to match or outshoot the first shooter. Tons of fun, and when shooting with Deron's, then young, sons, we each had a paintball color so we could tell each peron's shot.

Under adult supervision, this is a good starting weapon for a child to learn to shoot AT TARGETS with. This is the first weapon Deron and I gave our sons to use. Even before a BB Gun.



Yes. Seriously. Throwing Knives. And ladies, you can buy these in beautiful colors too!

more to come



Cap Guns

Ha3 These I guess I "collect", after all, I have more then three. A couple of them Cap Guns are larger (not thicker, but larger) than my Cobra Derringer 22.


Gun Dice

I love to play dice games. Often we have friends out to shoot, we have dinner and then play dice or board games. Makes for a really good time and a lot of laughs!

The contents of this page for Woman's View On Guns is still under construction. Please check back later!

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