Fossils in Our Area


We are lucky enough to be able to go fossil hunting right on our own property as well as the BLM land around us. We have found many KOOOOOL fossils.

Quartz Angel Wing

We have also found Arrow Heads and what I call Angel Wings. Deron and I have found shed too, but this is the fossil page. Shed = horns and antlers that animals "shed", in our area, deer and prong horn antelope. The, what I call Angel Wings, are quarts, but you should see this in person. It honestly looks like layered feathers. Somethings we just don't know.


Baculites Baculite Baculite in Chambers Deron says "baculite egments" baculite close up

My favorites are the BACULITES. Now Deron tells me that they are a Marine Animal that is more round then flat. Me? I say they are ribs from a land animal, the larger ones <grin> maybe, just maybe a baby dinosaur.

Ammonite Fossil Amonite 3 Amonite in rock Amonite Large and Broke in half

Deron's favorite are the AMMONITE. They look like a snail with a more ornate shell. We have found these in several sizes up to about 8" diameter and very ornate. Deron noticed that Charlie, on two and a Half Men, has a very large Amorite in his bedroom hallway. There are several fossil's on the table in that hallway.

Clam Fossils

CLAMS. We have found these in a variety of sizes, most broken, but once in a while we find the two sided, nicely preserved, no mistake in what it is, type.

Snail Fossil

Once in a while we find a SNAIL or two. Not too many and not in great shape. But, we do have them.

Petrified Wood Petrifed Wood cluster

PETRIFIED WOOD. Now this is funny. We have found pieces of Petrified Wood in several areas. But on 11,000 acres, well, really more then 11,000 acres there is ONE tree. One. I guess like the dinosaurs the trees died out where we are.

We have been told and Internet research has said that for the general area we are in we might find Turtles, Sea Enchants, Star Fish, as well as Dinosaurs and Shark.

LAVA BALLS can be found on two locations on our property. To me they look like the metal balls/bullets from a musket shooter. General Custard really did have a mission right out here where we are. And Crow Butte, as in Crow Indians lived right here too. So you know there were Cowboy/Indian and or Cowboy/Cowboy and Indian/Indian fights right here. Deron insists however that they are Lava Balls. They are metal, or that is what they feel like when clicked on your tooth. Deron and I had a good laugh when we had sent a few to his Uncle Don and Aunt Kathy and they deducted that they are petrified nuts and not metal at all. So there you go. Several opinions on one item that I am betting, no one knows for a fact of what they really are.

Words of the old cowboy, as he watched the college boys collect fossils along the Union Pacific Railroad's 'Fish Cut,' are recalled...

"What get's me is how them fish swam between them rocks?"

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-- The "Far Out Living" Team
Wed, 15 Dec 2010 14:41:00 -0500

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