101 Uses For Emergency Blankets

Most folks know that an Emergency Blanket is a wonderful thing to take with them Backpacking and or Camping. That it is a sheet of Mylar that is approx. 54" x 84" and the idea is for the Mylar Silver color and texture will reflect back 90% of a persons, or animals, Body Heat to keep them warm AND dry.

But did you know that the Emergency Blankets are Waterproof and Windproof? Did you know that you could use one or several for all sorts of uses? Did you know that the Emergency Blankets are reusable?

I do not receive a dime for my ideas. These are all my own ideas and I want to remind the readers that they are copyrited and to not take my work and use it for your own. I have been plagiarized more times that I even know. So no. You may not take my ideas without permission and giving credit where credit is due.

Emergency Blankets come folded up and in a little plastic package for easy carry. You could put these in your Backpack, I had several in mine and in my animals packs, dogs, donkey, horse, llama, goat, pony and also in my Saddle Bags for everyday or casual riding. An Emergency Blanket will fit easily into a ladies purse, a glove box in your vehicle, in your pocket ~ especially a cargo pocket, or shoooot, even under your hat. They are light weight and very easy to carry.

Since we are not there with you as you use your own Emergency Blankets we will not be able to make sure you are using it as we intended.....therefore, we will not be held responsible for any mishaps you might incur trying these or any other ideas with your own Emergency Blankets....ie, try at your own risk.

1. An Emergency Blanket can be used as a blanket.

2. It can also be used as a blanket liner. This keeping you even warmer, still waterproof and windproof.

3. One or more could be used as a tarp under your sleeping bag.

4. One or more could be used to make a tarp or call it a tent.

5. With a roll or duck tape and some poles you might be able to build a full, the type you stand up in tent.

6. With duck tape and two Emergency Blankets, for two smaller people, you could make a double sleeping bag.

7. If you are larger, use three or four or five Emergency Blankets and duck tape and make a large size sleeping bag. It will keep you underside dry and your top side windproof and the body heat of two or more reflecting back into your sleeping area, keeping you much warmer than with just fabric.

8. Cut to size and place over your sun facing windows in the summer. It will reflect the sunshine back and keep your home cooler. You can tape into place.

9. Cut into size and place over your whole windows and or doors to keep ash out in a Volcanic Eruption or Nuclear Attach.

10. Using the full Emergency Blanket, tape up over your doors in case of a Volcanic Eruption or Nuclear Attach.

11. Take strips of an Emergency Blanket to a pole. Stick the pole in the ground in your garden. This becomes your "Scare Crow".

12. Wrap up in one at campsite on a chilly night or morning.

13. Place over your windshield in hot weather to keep the sun from baking the inside of your vehicle.

14. Line a bucket with a hole with an Emergency Blanket cut to size.

15. Cut a small hole in the middle (fold the Emergency Blanket in half longways first, then fold again on the short side) use as a waterproof, windproof, body heat reflecting poncho. And yes, you would still be able to use this that night for a blanket....that small hole will only let out a little of your body heat.

16. Use as a waterproof roof for a temporary animals shelter.

17. Use as a tarp over your items in your campsite.

18. Use for the lining of solar over. Emergency Blankets are cheaper, by inch, than Aluminum Foil.

19. Cut out patches for your raincoat, duck tape in place.

20. If you recently put up a new fence and have animals, livestock, cut your blanket into 3" x 18" strips. Tie each strip to the fence about 25' to 30' apart. This will let the livestock know where the fence is. Hopefully, slow them down if they are running towards it.

21. Use to funnel rain off a roof into a barrel or bucket.

22. Use to line a barrel that might have a hole that you need to catch water in off a roof.

23. Cut to size a taped over a broken window until you can get the new or replacement window in.

24. In a rainstorm while out backpacking, carefully wrap your backpack with an Emergency Blanket, carefully secure with duck tape. When you get to camp if you carefully remove the duck tape, you can still use the Emergency Blanket for other uses around camp....including sleeping with it.

25. With a bit of duck tape you could make a pouch and dip water from a stream or pond or lake with an Emergency Blanket.

26. Fold and use as funnel for all sorts of chores at home and at the campsite.

27. Use as tarp in campsite to lay your firewood on. If it is a rainy trip, fold 1/2 of the Emergency Blanket over so that the firewood is covered and out of the rain, ready for use when needed.

28. With a pattern and some duck tape and a sense of humor, make a Raincoat for your pet....dog, goat, anybody.

29. Wrap a doghouse (temporarily and for a dog that does not chew, ever) to keep it cool and dry and windproof.

30. Use Duck Tape and make a Waterproof and Windproof, very silver, purse.

31. Using Duck Tape, make a Prom Dress.

32. Cut to size, repair shoes.

33. Line a dirt hole to catch rain to drink, bathe in, or for a duck to play in.

34. Use to line your backpack, leaving the top end long, to cover the top by tucking the long end back into the pack. This will keep everything together and dry.

35. Use to line a backpack that has a hole or rip in it. It will keep your items together and from falling out of the area ruined.

36. Line the back of your vehicle with an Emergency Blanket before setting your now dirty camp gear and backpack, after a trip. This will keep the mess out of your vehicle.

37. Lay one across your back seat in your vehicle for your dirty or muddy dog to lay on.

38. With duck tape, make a kind of a bucket to carry fresh fish back to camp.

39. Or make the same for game to carry back to grill at the camp.

40. Wrap clothes into one for a pillow.

41. Did an Emergency Blanket get torn or used up and you are trying to think of what else you can do with it? Use it either taped to a board or alone for a shooting or sling shot target.

42. Punch holes into your Emergency Blanket and use it with Shower Curtain Holders for a Shower Curtain.

43. Throw up and around some trees or brush and use it for a private place/toilet area.

44. Hang over trees to make a Shower Curtain in the wild.

45. Tent Door rip or did your zipper break? Mosquitoes? Duck Tape either a full sized or cut to size Emergency Blanket over the area and keep it safe and bug free.

46. Tape two together, leave a small hole, blow in air, use as mattress on camping trips or when overnight company comes.

47. See number 46 and do the same with two pieces cut to the size of a pillow, use as a pillow.

48. Pet or other animal die that you can not carry to a grave? Drag it wrapped inside an Emergency Blanket.

49. Take on a hunting trip for the same reason...drag game back to camp or home.

50. Use Duck Tape and Make the letters SOS on the Emergency Blanket for Emergency Purposes.

51. Shake, sweep, fan an Emergency Blanket if lost, or looking for another member of your party, to get their attention....especially good to get small plane pilot's attention.

52. New Home? Can't afford new curtains right now? Take Emergency Blankets, cut to size, fold one end over on the long side down about 4 inches, tape with duck tape, put curtain rod through the tuck you just created. Hang in your windows and relax that no one can see in.

53. Building a new home? Don't have doors up yet between rooms? See number 52 to ready your Emergency Blankets. Cut a 1" dowel to fit snuggly in the door jam. Put the dowel through the tuck rather than a curtain rod, and jam the dowel into place. Your Emergency Blanket, now door curtain, should gather up at the sides when you want the door curtain open between rooms. Yes. Of course your Emergency Blanket can be used for other purposes when you get regular doors hung in your home.

54. Use to cover computers in a dusty area or overnight.

55. Use to cover furniture when painting a room.

56. Use as a table cloth on a dirty picnic table on a camping trip.

57. Use as a table cloth for dinner guests that enjoy sports as you do. It is sure to bring a laugh, be a conversation piece, and of course it will be easy to clean up and ready to use again. Do not refold until it is dry from being wiped down with a wet cloth after dinner.

58. Play Hide-n-Seek in your camp site. Hide under the Emergency Blanket.

59. Using Duck Tape, make pants out of an Emergency Blanket for those silly hot excersize pants.

60. Pour out bolts, or nuts or nuts and bolts or other items of the like, onto an Emergency Blanket to sort them without making a mess on the counter top.

61. Cover your TV and make your kids go and do something like play outdoors, play a board game, or even go ride a bike. Tell the kids the more they complain, the longer the TV will remain covered.

62. Hang long ways in a tent between sleepers for privacy.

63. Put one over your head (inside the tent) like a leantu, to read under with a flashlight, while others sleep.

64. Since it is an Emergency Blanket you might already know that if someone in your group goes into shock, wrap them in one.

65. Use on a leg or arm, if injured, taped to hold the limb still.

66. Use as a funnel to add gas to a Vehicle that runs out and you do not have another way to put gasoline into it.

67. Use one to cover your Air Conditioning in the Winter.

68. Use to cover an outdoor Rabbit or Guinea Pig or other pet cage on the top and the sunny side. This will keep your pet cooler and more dry in the rain.

69. Use for a blanket for "private time" when hiking or picnicking.

70. With the help of duck tape and a bit of cutting the Emergency Blanket long ways, make a hose.

71. If you have a trellis that you enjoy sitting under in the Summer, place an Emergency Blanket over it in the heat of the day, it will reflect back the sun and also give you shade to sit under.

72. Hole in your roof? Can't get it fixed straight away? Use an Emergency Blanket to cover the hole til it can be fixed properly.

73. Use one to cover your bike in the rain.

74. Cut letters out of the Silver Blanket and place them on a Poster Board so that your message can be seen clearly.

75. Roll up and use as a bucket handle.

76. Cut to size and make a book cover.

77. Make a cute shirt out of the Emergency Blanket using a pattern and duck tape.

78. Wrap a new born pet or livestock in an Emergency Blanket that is not doing so well after birth.

79. Warm a baby animal by holding the animal wrapped in one.

80. Cut to the size you want to use and with the help of duck tape, make double thick, tote bags.

81. Cut to size and with duck tape, make a wallet. Sportsmen will get a kick out of this, especially if made by their child or lover.

82. Use for a picnic blanket on a cold or chilly day. It will keep your food clean, your clothes clean and it might just make you a bit warmer.

83. Wrap yourself, with the Emergency Blanket over your head, in a rain shower. No holes. No harm.

84. Keep in your vehicle for Emergencies. They do not take up much room, and might just save your life.

85. Wrap your gun and ammo in one if a rain shower comes up on a hunting or shooting event day.

86. Make an outfit for a Lawn Goose out of an Emergency Blanket. I have pattens and how to-s on my www.HouseGoose.com site.

87. Cover animal feed bags with one.

88. Cut to size, and place under your birds cage to catch seed and other mess birds make and throw.

89. Hide Christmas under one in your basement.

90. Need to puke? When you are indoors and camping and need to let go of that dinner you should not have eaten, or that dare you should not have eaten, or part of the tooooo much of the somores...... use an Emergency Blanket to puke in.

91. Place one UNDER a fitted sheet for children or others that wet the bed to save your mattresses.

92. Wrap dirty camp clothes in one for travel home from a camping trip.

93. With an Emergency Blanket or two, a Raincoat Pattern, Some Velcro, and of course, Duck Tape, make a rain coat one rainy day.

94. Use over your bed to keep dog hair and dirt from your dog off your bedspread.

95. Cover your good furniture with Emergency Blankets and watch folks avoid sitting on them.

96. Buy a case and pass them out at Christmas. They make great Christmas Gifts.

97. Cut up into squares, you pick the size. Choose different colors of Duct Tape and make a Quilt. Or don't cut up the Emergency Blanket and just cover with Duct Tape in designs. Or Tape two Emergency Blankets together and Decorate with Duct Tape. Place it on your bed when you have people over and tell them to put their coats on your bed.....let the conversation begin!

98. When you have a party, open several Emergency Blankets, wad them up loosely like a ball of trash and fill your bath tub with them. Shut the curtain and see if people are peeking in at your tub, listen around the room, or see who asks.....add marbles in your medicine cabinets....that you can hear when they get noisy.

99. Tape to the side of your house, or gate, or mailbox, to mark your home when company is coming for the first time. That way they will see it and not pass it up.

100. Cover cardboard and with duct tape, make a box. Use to store items or for gifts.

101. Use to make a small hot air balloon.

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