Dolls-Other Types- I have Worked On

I came to Doll Repair, Restoration through the 18" Dolls. I found one at a Garage Sale, somehow found out about the Youtube Repair Videos and... the Barbie and other dolls...

When we moved, our house theme or decor is Bicycles. Not only are we Cyclists, we live on KATY Trail. I found Bicycles for the 18" Dolls and wanted more of them.

One thing leads to another and even before moving I had started thinking about Restoring my own Patty PlayPal. She's Big and at the time, IN HORRIBLE repair.

So I started smaller, or with smaller dolls.

18" Dolls

18" Dolls St. Pat's Bicycles 2019-02-27


These are really cute and the two + I found (or will it end up being the first two) at a Garage Sale were not in bad shape, they just needed their Hair Attended, and THAT is what I was looking for.

Hairdorable Shopkins Shoppies for hair care 2019-05-18

I wanted to try the Fabric Softner repairs to Doll Hair, before I tried it on my Chatty Dolls.

Shopkins Shoppies

Hairdorables Shopkin Shoppies 2019-05-18

This little cutie came with the two Hairdorables. Her hair was not in bad shape, but man, after the Fabric Softner, WOW! GREAT SHAPE and smells so good!

This back side photo is of how the Dolls looked when I purchased them from a Garage Sale. Their hair did not take too much work.


Barbies and Barbie-like Dolls are a great place to start to learn to restore dolls, and you can find them all day long at Garage Sales and Thrift Stores...and in any shape your looking for.

The contents of this page for Dolls-Other Types- I have Worked On is still under construction. Please check back later!

-- The Far Out Living Team
Sat, 18 May 2019 13:42:30 -0400

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