101 Uses For Tarps

Tarps. We have all used them for one thing or another. They come in many colors, different weights (thicknesses) and are made from different types of fabrics and or plastics. Tarps are useful for so many purposes.

1. Cover your floors and furniture with tarp or taps before you paint.

2. Use a tarp to cover outdoor Rabbit Cages in bad weather. You really need to hook the tarp down when using one like this. Other wise the wind can catch the tarp and it will become a sail rather then protect the animal.

3. Place under your tent when camping to keep the bottom of the tent clean and prevent moisture from wetting the area you are sleeping on.

4. Place on the ground and walk equine or llamas, or goats or dogs or other animals you are training across it for desensitizing.

5. Hang the tarp from fencing to work further to desensitize an animal from spooking when training.

6. Make a tent out of a tarp when out in the woods.

7. Lay down on the ground under you while practicing prone position shooting.

8. Cut and make a large Tote bag that is both water resistance and breathable.

9. Cover an area with a trap for shade.

10. Wrap plants/garden on a cold night.

11. Use to wrap and drag game back to camp when hunting.

12. Put down on your floor before a kids craft project.

13. Use for a temporary shower curtain.

14. Cover a bed when the roof leaks.

15. Cover an animals house for waterproofing and insulation.

16. Use to move dead large farm animals with.

17. Cut and make laundry totes, clean or dirty clothes, especially good for bringing home wet clothing home for the close line hanging to dry. These fold better and store out of the way better then clothes baskets.

18. Cover and tuck over your back seat for your dog to travel on.

19. Use for temporary covering over windows/as curtains.

20. Cover feeds and or other loads in the back of a Pick Up truck when weather is wet.

21. Use when moving. Set a tarp down on carpets before bringing in boxes off the moving truck to keep the area neat.

22. Use to cover and tie down a mattress in the back of a Pick Up truck on the way to take it to your home or other destination.

23. Cover Fresh Hay when you bring it home in the back of your Pick Up Truck.

24. Use the same Trap, as Number 23, to cover the Hay at Home if you do not have a barn to store it in.

25. Canvas Tarps can be used to cut to make long lasting patterns out of.

26. Line your the Trunk of your Car with a Tarp before loading it with items that might make a mess that would have to be cleaned up after the ride.

27. Hide a messy house from your Mother In Law by throwing a Tarp over the Kitchen Sink. Just tell her the Fixtures are broken and you don't want the water to break open and spray all over the house.

28. Use to cover couches and other furniture so that your animals/pets stay off or at least are laying on the Tarp and not the Furniture Fabric.

29. Freak out nosy neighbors....wrap up old rugs your are getting rid of in an old Tarp, but wait til dark to drag them out....talk in a loud whisper as you drag the tarp.

30. The next time your teen aged daughter complains she has nothing to wear, hand her a Tarp.

31. Take at least one Tarp with you when you go out for a Camping Trip, Not only are they good to use under a Tent, or for a Tent, but so many ways around the camp, just use your imagination.

32. Lay down a large Tarp to place toys and such on for sale at a Garage Sale.

33. Lay down a Tarp in the back yard for the kids to play on. Make the Tarp a game. Have the kids toss a ball, but if the ball goes off the tarp they have to have one part of their body still on the Tarp as they reach for the ball.

34. Put up Poles, Throw a Tarp over them, and Guy Wire the tarp to make shade for either the Cook and or the Guests at an outdoor Bar-B-Que.

35. Paint the Tarp for a Bean Bag Toss Game in the Yard. Mark off Point Areas and Mark the amount of Points for that area.

36. Cover Items, such as Bikes, that need a cover from the weather.

37. Cover Bikes (motor or not) in the back of Pick Up Trucks. This keeps nosy people away from the Truck and will make the Bikes less likely to be stolen.

38. Use Poles or a Wooden Frame, with Tarps, make an Animal Shelter.

39. Take a Tarp with you on Bike Trips, especially the longer ones, you might need it for a Temporary Shelter from a rain storm.

40. Cover Pools when you are not outside to play in them. This might help keep others out of your Pool as well as help keep the Pool clean.

41. Cover your Screened in Porch with Tarps in the colder and rainier or snow weather, it will not only make your Porch useful all year, it will help insulate your home.

42. Does your ATV not fit inside your Garage? Place and tie down a Tarp on it when it is not in use. It will not only keep the rain and snow off of the seat and all, it will keep the sun from drying the seat out on it.

43. Rake leaves into a Tarp, fold up the edges and drag the leaves away from your yard.

44. In a pinch, cover a leaking roof on your home or motor home with a large Tarp.

45. Cut up a Tarp and make a Rain Suit out of it.

46. Or, like Number 45, cut a hole in the middle and wear a Tarp as a Rain Poncho.

47. Using a Camo Colored Tarp, make your boat into a Duck Blind. You might want a little Duct Tape to assist you on this project.

48. Roll up a Tarp and put a shirt over it, use as a Pillow.

49. Give the kids a Tarp and some Rope. Have them build a Fort to play in for the day in the Back Yard (If you have trees to tie to).

50. Have a Friendly Contest with your friends. Make some sort of Clothing items out of a Tarp just for fun.

51. Use a Tarp for Canvas and Paint on it.

52. Make a Billboard using a Tarp. Make a Sign for your next Garage Sale.

53. Use a Tarp rather than a Blanket for your next Picnic.

54. Set a Tarp down under your Sunbathing Towel. This will keep the bugs off better and gives you more area to stretch out.

55. Next time you go camping take a small tarp for each person as well as a few rolls of duct tape. When everyone is bored in the late afternoon, pass the items out and make a challenge....like Who Can Make The Best Tote Or Suitcase Using Just The Tarp & Duct Tape. It will not only be fun, you are making long lasting memories by doing this.

56. Cover a Picnic Table with your own Tarp that might not be as clean as you like to serve your family meals on.

57. Tarps and Duct Tape go together like Shoes and Socks. Make yourself a light weight Sleeping Bag with a Tarp pulling it together with Duct Tape. Line it with just a sheet on really warm nights add a blanket for colder nights. Carry your blankets and sheet inside the rolled up Tarp Back when Backpacking.

58. Cover and old dirty tire with a tarp and have a seat.

59. Make an interesting Book Cover out of a Tarp.

60. Line a leaking bucket....a tarp might not stop the leak, but it will slow it down a bit.

61. Fashion a Shower using a Tarp.

62. Fashion a Shower Stall using a Tarp.

63. Fashion a Tarp around your Camp Toilet for more Privacy.

64. Hang your Food above Bear Reach inside a Tarp.

65. Duct Tape and a Tarp can repair a Hiking Boot that is loosing it's sole.

66. Wrap up in a Camo Colored Tarp when Hunting Water Fowl. The Tarp will give your extra hide, keep you warmer, and keep you dry.

67. Make a Sail Boat, use the Tarps for the Sails.

68. Use for the Fabric Part of a Stretcher on Two Poles if someone would become injured or sick on a Camping or Hunting Trip.

69. Buy a few for a Avid Campers Christmas Gift.

70. Place,cut to size, under planters on your Carpeted floors.

71. In very cold weather use a tarp between your sheets and blanket, over your blankets for more insulation when sleeping.

72. Use for a Boundary Play area for children on a floor play area, to keep them safe and out of your way as your are working.

73. Know someone that uses tarps for about everything they do? Buy a small one and Wrap Their Christmas and or Birthday Gift inside of it. Use Duck Tape to seal the wrapping tarp.

74. Hang a Tarp from trees or poles with a sag in the middle. This can then Catch Clean Water in rain.

75. Place short poles out in front of your dog's house about 3'. Place two more behind the house. Drape and tie down a Tarp over the Poles. This will make a nice shady area for your dog to lay in and still be able to protect your Farm from it's favorite place.

76. On a Snowy Day, when the children are bored, gather up a tarp and some rope. Make a sled out of your trap and pull them behind you ATV or Horse.

77. Use folded up on your Work Bench to hide a new gun from your Spouse.

78. Have unwanted company coming? Cover part of your floor and your couch with Tarps. This will also give you an excuse (to work on the problem) to shorten the visit.

79. Selling at the Flea Market? Cover your items before and after the Selling Hours with Tarps.

80. Also at the Flea Market, see Number 79, use on the ground to put toys and such or to mark your full spot.

81. Did your window on your vehicle get broken? Cover it with a tarp until you can get it fixed.

82. When cleaning "game" indoors, put a tarp down on the floor beneath/or to catch the mess.

83. In a pinch, a Tarp could be used as a Fish Trap.

84. Use as a hiding decoy. Hide elsewhere.

85. If you camp in State Parks or other places where their are Camp Sites near one another, hang a few Tarps for Privacy.

86. Place over your Windshield to keep the sun out while the vehicle is parked.

87. Slowly and over time, teach your Pack Animal, goats, llamas, donkeys, mules, horses, to except having a Tarp Placed on it's back. Use the Tarp just to teach the animal that YOU can put anything on it's back and it will not hurt the animals.

88. Make a Hammock and have a nap.

89. Paint "PARTY HERE" in very large letters on a Tarp. Put the Painted Tarp up on your Garage Door the next time you have a Party.

90. Bad soil? Build a Large Wooden Box without a bottom. Place where (build where) you would like to have a Garden. Set a Tarp down in the Box to make the Bottom of the Box. Fill the Garden Box with good soil and Plant Your Seeds.

91. Carry a Tarp in your Bike Saddle Bag. If rain comes up while you are out on the Trail, not only can you use it to cover the Bike, you can get under it too. With Lightning, you might want to get away from the metal, even though the tires should insulate it, why take a chance.

92. Make a small Frame and cover it with a Tarp. Cut a hole in the middle of the Tarp within the Frame and use it to throw a Ball Through. The older the players, make your hole not much bigger than the ball you are using. With Children, use a large hole so that they are not discouraged and quit playing.

93. Use a Tarp for the "Window" of a Dog Agility Window Jump. Double your tarp by folding it over and use Duct Tape to Frame your Window so that it does not Fray.

94. When Backpacking use a Tarp rather than a Tent. You will see the stars all night, and it will be lighter weight to carry.

95. If you are out camping and your Tent Door Breaks, don't worry, grab a Tarp and use that....the mosquitoes might find their way in if you do not Duct Tape the Door unto the Tent well.

96. Give a Clean/New Tarp to your kids and let them make a Fort draping the Tarp over your Furniture in the Living Room, let them sleep there for the Night.

97. Cover Firewood, especially when camping, to keep it dry and ready to use.

98. Use a Tarp to cover your camping Equipment and or Backpacks at night. Take all food items out of your packs and hang it up in the trees. Then set any equipment onto a Tarp and then fold over the other side. Tuck the Tarp very well. This will keep your Equipment safe and dry overnight. Just remember, if you are camping with your male dog, he will want to "mark" this pile of your stuff....keep him away from it.

99. Loud color Tarps can be used from "Ground to Air" Emergency Flagging. You can use rocks to write notes, or hold the tarp and wave it at small planes.

100. If you did not bring a Jacket along, shame on you, wrap a tarp around you for a bit more warmth at the Campfire. Make sure to keep the edges far from the fire and embers that might fly.

101. Cover your Hunting Stand/Tree Stand with a Camo Colored Tarp to keep it dry (morning dew) before you arrive to Hunt.

Around the Camp or Home, Tarps are important. Deron and I always keep a few new ones in different sizes here so that when we need one, we have it.

-- The Far Out Living Team
Fri, 14 Mar 2014 17:15:53 -0400

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