Our Small House


Grading around the house

We started with ideas to build a 24" x 24" house with a loft. We had nothing left when we moved, it had been stolen from us by a family member or actually members who did so using technics "within the law". The Judge at the trial was disgusted with him/them and actually said "What your brother did is despicable, but I do have to go by what the laws say and I do hope to see you back in my courts fighting this....." So we lived in our vehicles for months......then God blessed us with wonderful Christian friends, from the Church we were attending, that built us a really nice, well built, house.

And so, we have this cute little house on the prairie that God himself blessed us with, using wonderful people that came with supplies and helped us build it (maybe <grin> we helped them building). We have low heating costs, it is very well insulated and use the air conditioner only when it is very hot outside.

more to come


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